Coverage areas

  • Santa Cruz (including West, East, Live Oak)
  • Capitola
  • Soquel
  • Aptos (including Rio Del Mar, Seascape, Seacliff)
  • Scotts Valley
  • Watsonville
  • Adult Village
  • Freedom

Price List

Every assignment is unique. Below are my base fees. Please cAll or email me with the property address, purpose of appraisal, and desired completion date. I will quickly research the property and give you a price quote and turn time.

Single Family Homes, PUDs, Condos:      

Typical Appraisal                                       $475

FHA/USDA                                                $525

Exterior Only                                             $375

Retroactive Appraisal                                $525

Affordable Housing (e.g. Measure J)        $475

2-4 Unit Properties                                    $700

Operating Income Statement                    $100

Rental Survey                                           $150

Appraisal Update                                      $100


Zack Silva

Real Estate appraiser